Not having what it takes?

On the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum I asked the members a question about what it takes to start your own business and I got some great responses I wanted to share with you. They might help you create the proper mindset you will need to become successful.

Before you got your business started or when you got it started, did you ever find yourself battling with yourself and trying to figure out if you ‘had what it takes’ to get a business up and running?

If so, how did you overcome that?

Entrepreneur mindset

Did you find yourself playing a lot of mental mind games that really weren’t helpful?

One member wrote “I didn’t find myself having mental battles, but friends and family did! They told me ‘You’re not as young as you think.
I don’t think you can take the heat.
Do you have any idea of the time commitment you have to do?
You’re retired military, live the good life.’

I have lived my entire life not dealing with problems or threats. I enjoy solving problems so I don’t deal with them, I solve them! Threats, I don’t encounter any more, so I guess I am living the good life.

I know that I have what it takes and look forward to any and all challenges. And, it doesn’t bother me in the least to ask for help. I ask successful people how they solved problems I encounter. I am not afraid to try new things.

Granted, I do not intend to do the labor part for much longer. I am building a team to lead and follow at the same time. I want hands on for all projects, but not do all projects.”

Andy shared “I think running one’s own business is simply mindset, positive thinking. I am the only Entrepreneur in my family of 5, dad was a fighter pilot most of his life. I have no idea why but starting business’s is in my blood and it all started at the age of 12.

Most of my friends think I am full of horseshoes as everything for the most part always turns out and takes of, I have no idea why but I do love what I do and that is key.”

Chuck added “I knew I could build a sucessful business, I just was’t sure how I was going to do it at first. I knew that I needed to find the right avenues to advertise, slogans & company image to use, even choosing the company name tormented me, Though I have a wife, & 2 kids to feed so I didn’t have time to dilly dally. I needed to make it happen & on the 1st crack.

I am not a betting man at all. I suck at gambles. If I am going to an estimate & find the street I have a 50/50 shot of “is this address going to be to the left or right?” I am wrong 90% of the freakin’ time. Seriously!
The only thing I would bet on is me. I have never failed myself. I have never crumbled under the pressure & never not completed what ever I needed to do, especially the times in my life when I was backed into a corner. That’s when it’s time (to continue the fight analogy) to come out swinging & fight hard, when you gotta turn things around & right now or your gonna lose, nobody else can help you. It’s all you, & how much you believe you can do it.

Anybody CAN do this, though most won’t. It takes balls to jump out on your own, to leave the security of a predictable weekly check.

Furthermore, it takes heart to make it actually happen, to make something from nothing, to carve out your own living. Entreprenuers have a spirit that the typical worker-bee employees don’t. That’s ok because both have their place. This isn’t for everyone. I am not saying that many who read this should decide against taking that leap, but if they are truly terrified &/or unsure of themselves when pondering the “can I do this?” question, the answer may very well be, no, your a worker-bee. You could lucky still but if you aren’t SURE YOU CAN….. you have a much higher probability of failure than one is sure they WILL succeed.”

Finally Tom added “I have to agree with Andy that starting and running a business is a mind set. You have to have a positive outlook and the drive to succeed. You have to go the extra distance in dealing with all the challenges and responsibilities of running a business and continue to strive for improvement. There are leaders and followers and you have to be a leader to run a successful business in my opinion.”

So consider all these thoughts when creating your own entrepreneurial mindset. Avoid negative people and seek out those who will be supportive in helping you achieve your dreams.

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