Starting your own food business from your home kitchen.

The other night there was a show on CNBC it was called The Entrepreneurs and it was hosted by Donny Deutsche. It was really very interesting.

They focused on a bunch of businesses and talked about how they got their start.

One of the companies that was spotlighted was this company called Feed Granola.

What a great story. Two guys who were models by day, would cook up this granola feed in their apartment kitchen and sell it through local stores. They initially used small brown paper coffee bags they bought through Staples and printed out stickers to say Feed on them.

As they grew and reached out to more and more local stores, they wanted to get their product on grocery store shelves too. In order to do that, they needed a nutritional label on it and had to cook the product in a commercial and health department approved kitchen. At this time they found a commercial kitchen facility they could rent by the hour and this allowed them to cook more product in the same amount of time as before.

The product’s reach continued to grow thanks to their ability to get out there and sell it. Through trade shows, cross country drives to promote their product and being available for media interviews, their story is reaching out to more and more people.

I love it because I love seeing people be able to start such business from scratch with very little money down. Think about it next time you are looking to start your own business that involves a food product. You can do it! Start it out of your own home and reach out to local people in your area. Then scale it up step by step.
Don’t spend any more money than you need to and learn as much as you can as you experiment. You can do this!

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2 Responses to “Starting your own food business from your home kitchen.”

  1. Hi All learned member,

    I am thinking to start a Yogurt business from my Apartment kitchen. I don’t know where to start. I would like to sell the product in the local farmers market. Please suggest some thing.



  2. Hi Lisa,

    Well, first off, can you make yogurt? Have you experimented with it before? Have you put some sample batches together and giving them out to friends and family and gotten some feedback from them?

    Where are you at with your project?

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