How to start a home based stained glass business.

I got this great email from someone who has an interest in starting a stained glass business and I had a bunch of ideas for them. This is a great mental exercise to consider all the possibilities and if you want to jump in and offer more advice please feel free add your post at the Gopher Small Business Forum here.

This is another great business you can start from home with very little money. If you are at all interested in this field, which I think is a great business, do some research on how to make stained glass and experiment in your home. What makes this business great is the fact that it is useful and unique. I don’t know of anyone who makes stained glass windows but I know I see a lot of stained glass windows. The average person isn’t going to know how to fix these things when they break. Home Depot won’t be able to fix them either. So this could be a great money making business for you.

If I were to start a stained glass business, I would do the following. If you need more ideas, jump on the forum and ask.

How to start a stained glass business.

How to start a stained glass business.

  • I think one of the things I would do is create a website with different pictures of the stained glass projects I have made.
  • Then I would advertise weekly on craigslist that I could repair stain glass windows. I am sure stained glass windows are constantly being broken and it takes a skill to fix them.
  • I would give each of my customers a magnetic business card.
  • I would also get a paypal account and offer for sale my stained glass projects online. Maybe I would even sell them via ebay too.
  • I would contact the local library and see if I could put on a display of my stained glass projects. This could then be promoted in the local paper to get your name out.
  • Then I would also offer to host a stained glass class at the local library. This could be promoted in the paper most likely for free as well.
  • I would do a youtube video on the creation of your different projects.
  • I don’t think you would even need to register a business name. Just have check payments made to your name.

What are some of your ideas? Get on the Gopher Small Business Forum.

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