Not having what it takes?

On the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum I asked the members a question about what it takes to start your own business and I got some great responses I wanted to share with you. They might help you create the proper mindset you will need to become successful.

Before you got your business started or when you got it started, did you ever find yourself battling with yourself and trying to figure out if you ‘had what it takes’ to get a business up and running?

If so, how did you overcome that?

Entrepreneur mindset

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Jumping from full time job to being an entrepreneur.

I was just reading another blog that was talking about the process of going from being a full time employee to becoming an entrepreneur and how is it best to do it.

Here is my take, IT’S GOING TO GET UGLY. Did you ever see the Movie The Matrix? When Neo finally finds out that his entire life he has been plugged into this matrix that took care of everything for him? And once he was unplugged his body went into shock. Well I think the process is very similar.

Full time job to entrepreneur

Full time job to entrepreneur

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Got laid off and plan to start a tanning salon?

There are a lot of people who are losing their jobs due to the current state of the economy and they are looking for businesses to get involved in. I had the opportunity to talk with such an entrepreneur and he was opening a tanning salon. When I asked him why that he said because he thought it would be easy.

Starting a tanning salon

Starting a tanning salon

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Expanding your pizzeria.

Every once in a while I talk to this pizzeria owner who has four pizzerias. He spends time at his different locations to keep tabs on everything. However he can’t be everywhere at once and I noticed that when he is not around, the employees just lose their minds when it comes to coming up with a price for the food.

I ordered a bunch of food the other day and I know the bill was gonna be around $40. When I get to the pizza place, there are two employees with a guy about 18 or so running the cash register. He can’t find the price for this item or that item. He is looking through the menu and then just types in whatever numbers that pop into his head.

Expanding your pizzeria

Expanding your pizzeria

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Starting your cookie business.

I was watching a show on the Food Network about a gal who wanted to start her own business that made cookies. She has a website you can check out I think it was called Hilary’s Cookies.

She had tried to get two previous businesses off the ground but couldn’t get traction on either one of them and thought this might be her last chance at being an entrepreneur. Her father had lent her some seed money and she got started. Selling cookies she made on a small scale wasn’t that profitable and she needed to work cleaning homes to help subsidize the business. At first she was selling her cookies through her website and local stores. Then she added gift packages like a lunch box with cookies that had kind of a retro feel to it.

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Starting your own food business from your home kitchen.

The other night there was a show on CNBC it was called The Entrepreneurs and it was hosted by Donny Deutsche. It was really very interesting.

They focused on a bunch of businesses and talked about how they got their start.

One of the companies that was spotlighted was this company called Feed Granola.

What a great story. Two guys who were models by day, would cook up this granola feed in their apartment kitchen and sell it through local stores. They initially used small brown paper coffee bags they bought through Staples and printed out stickers to say Feed on them.

As they grew and reached out to more and more local stores, they wanted to get their product on grocery store shelves too. In order to do that, they needed a nutritional label on it and had to cook the product in a commercial and health department approved kitchen. At this time they found a commercial kitchen facility they could rent by the hour and this allowed them to cook more product in the same amount of time as before.

The product’s reach continued to grow thanks to their ability to get out there and sell it. Through trade shows, cross country drives to promote their product and being available for media interviews, their story is reaching out to more and more people.

I love it because I love seeing people be able to start such business from scratch with very little money down. Think about it next time you are looking to start your own business that involves a food product. You can do it! Start it out of your own home and reach out to local people in your area. Then scale it up step by step.
Don’t spend any more money than you need to and learn as much as you can as you experiment. You can do this!

Join in on this discussion at the Gopher Small Business Forum here.

How to start a home based stained glass business.

I got this great email from someone who has an interest in starting a stained glass business and I had a bunch of ideas for them. This is a great mental exercise to consider all the possibilities and if you want to jump in and offer more advice please feel free add your post at the Gopher Small Business Forum here.

This is another great business you can start from home with very little money. If you are at all interested in this field, which I think is a great business, do some research on how to make stained glass and experiment in your home. What makes this business great is the fact that it is useful and unique. I don’t know of anyone who makes stained glass windows but I know I see a lot of stained glass windows. The average person isn’t going to know how to fix these things when they break. Home Depot won’t be able to fix them either. So this could be a great money making business for you.

If I were to start a stained glass business, I would do the following. If you need more ideas, jump on the forum and ask.

How to start a stained glass business.

How to start a stained glass business.

  • I think one of the things I would do is create a website with different pictures of the stained glass projects I have made.
  • Then I would advertise weekly on craigslist that I could repair stain glass windows. I am sure stained glass windows are constantly being broken and it takes a skill to fix them.
  • I would give each of my customers a magnetic business card.
  • I would also get a paypal account and offer for sale my stained glass projects online. Maybe I would even sell them via ebay too.
  • I would contact the local library and see if I could put on a display of my stained glass projects. This could then be promoted in the local paper to get your name out.
  • Then I would also offer to host a stained glass class at the local library. This could be promoted in the paper most likely for free as well.
  • I would do a youtube video on the creation of your different projects.
  • I don’t think you would even need to register a business name. Just have check payments made to your name.

What are some of your ideas? Get on the Gopher Small Business Forum.

After market car design business you can start from home.

A friend of mine was talking to me and was saying how he always wanted to create after market parts for cars to make them look cooler or run better. He mentioned one of his favorite was Chip Foose.

I made a post about this so you can join in on the discussion at the Gopher Small Business Forum here.

This is a business that can totally be started from your home. I think if I were going to get started in this, I would get an older car to fix up and I would make a website of the process.

I would experiment and create fiberglass molds to bolt onto the car to make it look really sweet. Things like hood scoops, fender flares, fins, whatever.

Home business car product design idea.

Home business car product design idea.

Then I would sell these after market parts.

Maybe I would even create after market fiberglass body panels. Over time I would add more vehicles to this and create an online catalog.

I would also host a hotrod night at a local parking lot. Maybe have it once a month.

Why not form a custom car club as well and create a forum for members to get together and talk about this topic.

With the ability to sell products on your website and have a paypal button to accept credit cards, it becomes so easy for you to reach out to people and sell your products, right from your own home with little money invested into it.

Getting into the entrepreneurial mindset.

With the creation of my new blog I thought it would be appropriate to kick it off with the mindset you need to get a business started.

First off no one knows for sure what is or what is not going to work. Especially when you are just getting started. One of the reasons why I like the lawn care business so much to get yourself into the entrepreneurial mind set is that you can start it with a limited amount of money and a limited amount of time.

When you start on a small scale with a service business, it’s pretty simple. You see how much you are making per hour and you can calculate your expenses to get a quick idea of your profit. Service businesses are wonderful ways to get started in the entrepreneurial world.

When you come up with a product you want to design, fabricate, market and hopefully sell. No one knows if it’s going to sell. That is part of the exploration you are to take. If you hit on something that sells, then good for you and scale it up to meet the growing demand.

If you don’t hit on something, that is ok too. I would venture to guess that most business ideas aren’t going to work. Trying something and throwing it out for the market to decide if they want to buy it or not, is what it’s all about. If something doesn’t sell, that is ok! It’s ok if it didn’t work. The beauty of it is that you are building an understanding and an infrastructure to create, design and sell a product.

What you don’t want to do is bet the farm on it and say it’s all or nothing. Why? Because if it doesn’t work, you aren’t going to get another chance at it. One of the secrets to success is giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to succeed. That means having money in reserve to experiment with the next idea. If your first one doesn’t work, play with it. Add something or subtract something from it. Experiment with the ingredients in your mixture and then present the new idea.

The most important part of it all is to not give up. You will be amazed at what you can learn when you give yourself time to experiment.

If you have a thought on this or a story you have gone through, I’d love to hear it. I am sure it will inspire others. Please jump onto the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and get involved in the discussion.

Welcome to Hardcore Unemployable.

I’d like to welcome everyone to the first post on the Hardcore Unemployable blog. This site is a support group for those interested in starting their own business and living the lifestyle of the entrepreneur. It’s not just about running your own business. It’s about finding something you love to do and having it self fund itself to allow you to continue to do the things you love to do. Ultimately this should allow you to positively contribute to society and help you earn money to continue on further in your quest to learn more, grow more and share more.

If you have found you can’t work for anyone else and you need to call the shots, maybe you too are Hardcore Unemployable. If so, this site will help you how to figure out what most people will never share with you, how to actually do it.

As with all of the articles and stories that will follow, you can take part in these discussions and conversations by meeting with us on the Gopher Forum.